Interface Design: Asavie Moda

Asavie built the PassBridge™ platform to make it easier for people to connect to each other. Asavie PassBridge™ is a software defined network as a service platform that manages the connectivity and security of your devices. Asavie partners with the world's leading mobile operator groups (AT&T, EE, Telefonica, Three, Vodafone etc.) and has more than 20,000 end-user companies, many of them household names.

Asavie Moda is a software system allowing enterprises to: ● control their mobile data costs. ● Increase employee productivity by creating internet policies that block access to websites while at work. ● Secure devices by remotely locating, lock and wipe data from the device's memory.

Design for user experience: Problem analysis, goal and key tasks definition, information architecture, wirerfaming, user testing, and measuring usability

User interface design: Responsible for product "look & feel"; typography style, colour, print collateral, animations. End user app design for both iOS and Android devices

Asavie Moda Dashboard
Powerful filters allowed administrators to see how data was being consumed across their whole organisation. In the context of a geographical region, time period (e.g. last week) or a group of devices they could drill into the data, all the way down to an individual device.
Asavie Moda Dashboard
Example of a dashboard chart. The mantra for the dashboard was “at a glance monitoring of the account”. The problem the dashboard solved was; allowing administrators to anticipate issues before they begun. Or to quickly diagnose a problem once it started by displaying key performance indicators.
Asavie Moda Device table
Device table, quickly see an overview of every employees' device. Click on any device to get a more comprehensive view of how it's doing.
Asavie Moda Create  Capped Data Plan
Enter the amount of data a device can use. This was one of the most challenging problems to solve. Users typically shared data between devices. The moda system only understood data allocated to individual devices. Above are the many different iterations attempting to solve this problem.
Asavie Moda bar charts
Reports allowed admins to see how much data employees' devices were using and which website they were visiting. I admire the work of Edward Tufte and Stephen Few, simple visulations that let the data tell the story.
Asavie Moda Security
The product also had a range of security features. Administrators could protect their employees' devices from malicious websites when connected to Wi-Fi, for example. Visibility of system status was a guiding factor; allowing the administrators to see how far along in the set up process each of their devices were.
Asavie Moda data monthly
Example of a dashboard monthly data usage chart; see how this months data usage compares to last months. Predictive analytics forecast how much data will be consumed by billing cycles end.
Asavie Moda end user app for both iOS and Android
The app allowed employees to monitor their own data usage and see which websites they could access. App used Xamarin framework and was developed for both iOS and Android devices. The app was also how APN was installed on the users' device