Interface Design: Adaptemy

Adaptemy specialise in providing higher level Maths grinds for the leaving cert students. When students first use the programme they are given a short test to assess their mathematical ability. From here the system is able to recommend courses of study and lessons which are targeted specially to each individual students ability.

As student's ability increases Adaptemy increases the difficulty proportionally. Live lessons and study coaches provided the human element so students don't feel like they are on their own.

My Role: Branding, Wireframing, Interaction Design, Visual Design
Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks

Main Adaptemy Wesite
The Adaptemy site and new dashboard are responsive so they look nice on any device
Main Student Dashboard
The main student dashboard, from here students can select a strand to study, mail their study coach, they can also choose to start lessons recommended by Adaptemy
Topic Dashboard
Once students have selected a strand to study they are brought to the topic screen. From here students can see their progress and view how ready they are to start a new topic. They can also see how many topics they have started and how well they know each one
Main Teacher Dashboard
The main teacher dashboard, at a glance teachers can tell what each student is doing right now. For example, if the student is learning a happy face and green colour header will display if they need help an unhappy face and red header will display
Student Progress
To see even more detail about a student the teacher can drill down further and view how they are progressing through each topic or if they have started a new strand
Login Screen
Individual students, teachers, classes or schools can all login